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Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (“ATI”) is an internet testing organization that gives a progression of institutionalized appraisals that plan nursing understudies for the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse). ATI Nursing does not just use ATI to get ready nursing understudies for the NCLEX-RN, additionally as one (of many) tools to assess the BSN educational modules taking into account understudy execution in particular substance regions . Execution on ATI appraisals helps predict an understudy’s imaginable execution on the NCLEX-RN, and after every evaluation, understudies get a point by point indicative report to enhance their cognizance in that theme.


ATI Nursing Scope of Functions in Relation to Nursing Schools


  • The School of Nursing Community, as a component of general appraisal arrangement, has discovered that a progression of broadly formed institutionalized evaluations will be required all through the nursing educational programs.
  • ATI automated evaluations reflecting current writing and practice give the apparatuses that can help understudies plan all the more effectively for NCLEX-RN. Understudies are surveyed in around eight regions of study all through the nursing educational programs. Simple to peruse analytic reports specifying subjects to survey and an assessment of the understudies’ basic deduction abilities, need setting and comprehension of the nursing procedure are given to understudies toward the end of every evaluation.
  • What’s more, these reports give the School profitable data for educational modules arranging. Understudies take the Comprehensive Predictor ATI in the last semester of the project, which satisfies the thorough exam required by the School of Nursing for system finish. ATI’s experience demonstrates that understudies who are effective in their appraisals are better arranged for and have a higher likelihood of passing the NCLEX-RN on their first endeavor.

ATI Nursing Education


There is a genuine comprehension for what it takes to wind up a nurse. ATI Nursing Education started with the assistance of a medical attendant and numerous medical caretakers are an esteemed portion of our organization today. It additionally has a genuine comprehension for what it takes to finish high stakes tests. ATI gloats a group of individuals (graduate degree psychometricians) who spend significant time in tests.

ATI Nursing Education’s learning frameworks are intended to instruct the way people learn. Whether it’s an RN or a PN project, here is where your understudies from the earliest starting point of school through the start of their nursing profession and it’s finished with the sort of individual minding consideration that is synonymous with nursing is taken care of.

ATI Nursing Programs

  1. Semester 1: Pharmacology NRS 315
  2. Semester 2: Fundamentals NRS 322
  3. Semester 2: Mental Health NRS 321
  4. Semesters 3 or 4: Adult Medical-Surgical NRS 421
  5. Semesters 3 or 4: Maternal Newborn NRS 422
  6. Semesters 3 or 4: Nursing Care of Children NRS 422
  7. Semesters 3 or 4: Community Health NRS 424
  8. Semester 5: Leadership NRS 429
  9. Semester 5: Comprehensive Predictor NRS 436

ATI Nursing Requirements


Admission to the ATI choice is profoundly particular and is based upon demonstrated scholarly accomplishment. It also requires authenticating the understudy’s capacity to effectively finish scholastically thorough educational programs. Notwithstanding the general College affirmation prerequisites, understudies looking for passageway into the BSN-A project must meet the accompanying criteria:

Hold a baccalaureate or higher degree in a non-nursing discipline College GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 or higher scale Completion of all required prerequisite general education courses with a grade of “C” or higher.

Accelerated B.S.N. understudies who don’t have a four-year college education from a licensed U.S. school or college with an evaluation point normal of no less than 2.8 are required to take the ATI-TEAS to be considered for affirmation. Understudies who get an unacceptable score or wish to enhance their score may retake the exam one time as it were.

ATI Nursing Books


Here there is a strict curriculum that prepares future nurses for the challenge that lies ahead. The books’ list is as provided below:

  1. ATI Nursing Education: RN Content Mastery Series 9.0
  2. ATI Nursing Education Content Mastery Series – RN Review Textbook NCLEX Class
  3. NEW ATI Nursing RN Content Mastery Series Set + NCLEX-RN Kaplan Content Review
  4. NEW ATI Nursing RN Content Mastery Series Complete Set + NCLEX-RN Kaplan Content Review 2nd Books – SHIPS FREE via Media Mail (Within the United States!)
  5. ATI Nursing Education Book Set
  6. ATI TEAS Review Manual
  7. ATI Nursing Collection Version 5.0/9.0
  8. ATI RN Nursing Content Mastery Series all 9 books NCLEX review
  9. ATI Nursing Education PN Content Mastery Series, Complete Set
  10. ATI Content Mastery Series Registered Nurse Medical-Surgical Review Module books
  11. RN Nursing Books Bundle + ATI Books
  12. ATI Nurse Notes Psychiatric-Mental Health: Core Content At-a-glance
  13. ATI Nursing Education: RN Nursing Care and Children
  14. ATI Wisdom Booklets Parent Guide Planner Sets 29-32 NEW
  15. ATI Nursing Care of Children RN EDITION 7.0 Content Mastery Series Review Module

ATI Nursing Testing


ATI scores are positioned as far as Proficiency Levels, extending from Level 1 to 3. Higher Proficiency Levels relate to higher execution. In Pharmacology, the initially required ATI evaluation, a Proficiency Level 1 or higher is viewed as capable. For every single remaining appraisal, a Proficiency Level 2 or higher is viewed as capable. The last ATI appraisal, the Comprehensive Predictor, requires a score of 72.7% or higher which means a 95% likelihood of passing the NCLEX-RN. Understudy execution on all delegated ATIs will be explored to decide need practicum positions in NRS 498: Clinical Immersion Capstone.

ATI Nursing Test Bank


ATI Nursing Test Banks are composed by driving nursing instructors to mirror the most recent models and innovation in the field of nursing. You are right to term them as a futuristic and true reflection of the nursing industry. It is strict and created to curb any irregularities and ensure flawless testing criteria to ensure that disciplined and competent nurses are entering the profession.

The test inquiries and answers are held to the most noteworthy models and are continually advancing to enhance training and the nature of the exams.

It is unlawful to duplicate, disperse, change or offer an ATI test bank, TEAS Test Bank, home questions, study guides, and other copyrighted materials. Inability to pay heed to the copyright and licensed innovation may bring about criminal punishments.

They are made for NCLEX® exam prepare, the TEAS Test, and different subjects. Every one of this is done to guarantee that understudies are set up for high stakes nursing appraisals and their future vocation.

ATI Nursing Education is the thing that medical attendant instructors need to carry out their occupations and do them truly well. As the country’s prevalent e-learning supplier, ATI offers programs that are instrumental in enhancing personnel understudy and program results. With these projects, teachers have the ability to increase educational programs, patch up courses and staff advancement, and enhance understudy test results and lower steady loss rates.

Pre-Program of ATI Nursing


From the earliest starting point, ATI gives projects and administrations to help instructors and understudies alike. These incorporate appraisal devices to pre-decide and measure the understudies’ status for a nursing or associated wellbeing program, and an educational modules administration project to guarantee for long haul achievement.

  • During Nursing School

ATI offers a wide assortment of NCLEX planning evaluations amid nursing school. These evaluations get understudies ready for the NCLEX, as well as help them increase basic intuition abilities and an extensive nursing learning base should have been an incredible medical attendant.

  • After Nursing School

In the wake of graduating, understudies live, eat inhale and get ready for the NCLEX. So do ATI. This is the reason it offers these accompanying projects to ensure they do only that.

  1. NCLEX Prep
  2. Active Stack Pharmacology Flash Card App
  3. Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review
  4. Mobile Mentor iPhone/Android App
  5. NCLEX Success Package
  6. Virtual-ATI® NCLEX Review

Faculty ATI Nursing Solutions


ATI offers an extensive variety of answers for the workforce that is made for medical caretaker teachers by attendant instructors. These arrangements are intended to reinforce key learning and improve instructional aptitudes through live internet preparing, data-rich meetings and assistance from a devoted ATI bolster group.

ATI Fundamentals of Nursing

  • Medicare

Offer medical care for customers over the age of 65 and/or with lasting inabilities. Premiums connected as protection system repays suppliers in light of DRGs. Premiums connected as Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) furnish selected customers with complete consideration regulated by an essential consideration supplier.

  • Medicaid

For clients with low income. It is a federally funded and individual state determining eligibility and requirements.

  • Traditional Insurance

Reimburses for services on fee-for-service basis

  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)

A customer browses from a list of contracted suppliers. Utilizing non-contracted suppliers and expands the customer’s out of pocket expenses.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

Provides for long-term care expenses not covered by Medicare

  • Preventive Health Care

Focuses on educating and equipping clients to reduce and control risk factors for disease. Examples include immunizations, stress management programs, and seat belt use.

  • Primary Health Care

Stresses wellbeing advancement, and incorporates pre-birth and well-infant care, nourishment guiding, and malady control. It depends on a managed association amongst customer and supplier. Cases incorporate office or facility visits and planned school/work focused screenings (vision, hearing, corpulence).

  • Secondary Health Care

Includes the diagnosis and treatment of emergency, acute illness, or injury. Examples include care given in hospital settings (inpatient and EDs), diagnostic centers, or emergency care centers.

  • Tertiary Health Care

It involves the provision of specialized and technical care. Examples include oncology and burn centers.

  • Restorative Health Care

It includes moderate subsequent care and reestablishing wellbeing. Cases incorporate home medicinal services, recovery focuses, and gifted nursing offices.

  • Continuing Health Care

It is intended to address long- term or constant social insurance needs. Cases incorporate hospice, grown-up day care, and in-home rest care.

Healthcare regulatory agencies include:

  • US Dept of Health and Human Services
  • US FDA
  • State and local public health agencies
  • State licensing boards (to ensure providers & agencies comply with state regulations)
  • The Joint Commission/JCAHO (set quality standards for accreditation of health care facilities)
  • Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSROs)
  • Utilization review committees (monitor for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of hospitalized clients)

ATI Nursing Testing Modality

Health 3

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS Test) is institutionalized and sets various decision exams for understudies going into nursing school in the USA. It is regularly used to decide the capacity of potential understudies to change in accordance with a nursing program. The test is made and controlled by Assessment Technologies Institute.

It is utilized as a component of the confirmations procedure by Nursing and Allied Health schools across the country.

ATI Nursing Program Review

  • Improve your odds of passing NCLEX with ATI’s Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review. Driven by a Master’s-degreed attendant instructor, this demonstrated audit covers every branch of knowledge on the NCLEX through the span of a couple days. Understudies who finish an ATI Live Review have a considerably higher NCLEX pass rate than the national normal.
  • Its online courses incorporate an assortment of components and configurations, including sound lessons, video surveys, a test question bank, versatile applications, PowerPoint slides, guiding, inside and out audits and evaluations, and week by week study arrangements taking into account understudy execution. ATI offers a wide range of study materials that take into account understudies of all learning styles.
  • It gives understudies access to different and versatile applications so they can concentrate wherever they go. Applications incorporate pharmacology cheat sheets and the MobileMentor NCLEX question manages an account with altered tests. Both applications are accessible for iOS and Android gadgets.

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