Stydying at Denver School of Nursing — Opportunities and Benefits

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If nursing is the career path you have chosen then Denver School of Nursing popularly known as DSN should be one of the top priorities to consider. If you have done you research well you should know the importance of choosing a good school that will offer you all that is needed before you are out into the field to do a job you have been passionate about.

Nursing schools should be certified and approved before they are cleared to offer student programs. In the past, a number of universities and colleges have been caught on the offensive teaching nursing courses without the relevant approval and certification. These are pitfalls every student must avoid because they can become a nightmare to you career path.



Where Is It Located?

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DSN is located at lower Denver downtown (famously known as Lodo) just a block away from Coors field. It is only a stone-throw distance from Larimer Square and the historic Union Station. It easily accessible being close to light train transport and no hassle for those who prefer being in the campus. It is at the heart of many classy restaurants for all choices of dining.

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About Facilities

DSN main campus occupies approximately 24,000sq feet. All the necessary learning resources are located within the main building with each fully equipped for learning and other related activities. There is the resources center, clinic, nursing labs, computer labs and student aid administration within the main building and they are all accessible whenever needed. It is a university equipped with all the learning facilities with a contemporary touch in each of them.

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Campus Experience

For those earning their first degree in nursing, the campus life is always the best experience. You will get first-hand interaction with faculty members and other students. All the campus facilities are in the finest condition and you will never need a thing and not get it. DSN key objective is to offer the best learning environment and experience and bridge the gap for those who want the choice of an education that suits their personal and professional needs.

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Online Experience

At DSN education for all is a slogan that holds lots of meaning. Those who want to further their education while at the same time pursuing other important activities in their daily life; they still have a chance to education. The online and distance learning program is aimed at those who may be working and still want to earn a degree or further their education. You may not have the chance for first-hand campus experience but apart from that, you will have all the resources that any nursing student would cherish. There is all time round support for you. You will not miss anything important since the online support is at clockwork.

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Why Choose Denver School of Nursing

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You will not just make the choice of your nursing school just because your friend made it. You need a school that suits your preferences and above all one that will make your dream to become a nurse successfully. So, why would choose DSN over the other choices you may have?

  • The university is fully accredited and approved. The Colorado State Board of Nursing has approved the programs in this university for both BSN and ADN. You are cleared to apply for NCLEX-RN to acquire your professional nursing practice pass. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has also accredited the institution and there is nothing to worry about its programs. Both accreditation and approval are crucial not only to the university administration but more so to the students who will want to have a smooth education life and be prepared to face the field experience harmed with the appropriate knowledge.
  • Flexibility in the mode of study. Modern life makes everyone busy and at the same time, you would like to attend school or advance your education. If you are the kind that prefers campus environment to learn, the university offers the best in terms of faculties, staff support and all that you would need to excel in your studies. This is the option preferred by those earning their first degree and do not have other engagements such as work. The online program is targeted to those who would not find time to make it to a conventional class setup. Those who have day engagements still have a chance to pursue their nursing degrees and the online option is there to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to advance your career.
  • Contemporary facilities. One thing that makes nursing worthy a studying course is the chance to do what you do in the field early in your school days. The university has ensured that all that is needed for a flawless learning experience is all there for every student.
  • All-round learning experience. The core objective of DSN is to produce the finest professional the world has ever seen. That does not blur the need to have all-rounded professionals who will not only offer health care services but will be able to help the society to be a healthy and happy.
  • Among the best nursing institutions in the country. It would be bad to blow one’s trumpet but the truth is that DSN may not be offering a much different education from what other universities are doing but what is sure is that it is all being done with the confines of the nursing profession. This is the kind of school you need to be competitive in the market. Nursing jobs may be plenty but still employers would want the best of the cream.
  • Seasoned and experienced faculty members. They say you more or less follow the footsteps of you mentor. In respect to this truth, the faculty members are picked from the best in the nursing field. They are at your service whenever you need them. Their dedication to teaching and producing the best nursing professionals is unquestionable and this is the right place to be.

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It is popularly said that if you want to be a champion you must be associated with one. In this context, if you want to be a better nurse, you will need to go to a deserving school. DSN is dedicated to producing the finest nursing professionals. Join the winning team and you will never regret for a single day that you chose DSN.

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