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If you are a registered nurse or studying to become a nurse, you really need to always improve your nursing skills and keep them up-to-date. Currently, it is very easy to do so thanks to the multiple free nursing continuing education units (CEUs). These free online nursing ceus and related health courses/programs, you are able to take from the comfort of a bookstore, wireless café or even your home. These free nursing ceus will enable you to be a better nurse, further improving your career prospects. By doing some of these great free nursing ceus online, you will gain the knowledge, empathy and skills that you need for success in your nursing career. Increasing nurses and other health care professionals knowledge and skills in their different specialties and improving their competencies & abilities in using the most proper ways to get their clients and patients the best health care, helps in ultimately improving outcomes and improved access to care.


Free Nursing Ceus For Registered Nurses


Free ceus for registered nurses offer registered nurse education for nursing professionals through a convenient and quick way. Many of the free nursing ceus approved for certified nurse assistants, nurse aides, licensed practical nurses, nurse dietitians, midwives, certified respiratory therapists, school psychologists, licensed vocational nurses, nursing assistants, home health aides, registered respiratory therapists, approved medication assistive staff and respiratory care practitioners.

Nurses can learn & earn state approved/certified nursing CEUs, nursing contact units or nursing contact hours by taking accredited free nursing ceus. You can take the free nursing ceus online course along with instant test grading & immediate certificates. No need for books, travel, time away from friends and family as well as time off from your work.

Free nursing ceus online providers offer online nursing education absolutely free of charge. No hidden costs or fees! Get all course testing and materials for free. In addition, the free nursing ceus can complement your current nursing education programs with their extensive course catalogs that are constantly growing. Free Nursing Ceus


At, RNs and nurses get access to free nurse ceus. If your nurse staffing agency, organization or hospital is searching for a great source for nursing CEUs that are state approved consider free ceus. Whether you have a specific course which you need your nursing staff becomes proficient in, can test & certify your nurses or RNs over your materials. Free cues for nurses offered:

  1. Bridging The Generation Gaps
  2. Robots Join The Surgical Team
  3. Interoperability: A Plan For The Future
  4. Meeting The Healthcare Needs of America’s Military Veterans
  5. Creating A Professional Practice Environment In Any Healthcare Setting
  6. RN To BSN: Aligning Your Personality Characteristics With Your Career
  7. From Distress To De-stress With Stress Management
  8. Customizing T2DM Treatment With GLP-1 Receptor Agonists
  9. Diabetes Treatment Using Insulin-Independent Agents
  10. Transforming Practice: Taking The Leap To APRN

Free Online Nursing Ceus


Some of the best free nursing cues available include:

  • HIV/AIDS Treatment

This program prepares nurses to care for patients with HIV/AIDS, according to a review of HIV clinical treatment and manifestations.

Learning Objectives

  • Once you complete this program, you will be capable of:
  • Identify clinical stages of HIV
  • Discuss AIDS-defining conditions
  • Describe the elements of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART)
  • Summarize which co-infections are common among HIV patients
  • Improving Outcomes in Oral Anticoagulation Therapy Management

The course’s purpose is to educate nurses how patient self-testing can improve a quality of life and clinical outcomes, and about managing clients on warfarin therapy.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain challenges of warfarin therapy management
  • Describe clinical evidence supporting INR self-testing
  • Discuss benefits of INR self-testing to patients and to practice
  • Distinguish between clients who are eligible or not eligible candidates for INR self-testing
  • Explain the INR self-test process
  • Spasticity Management: Triggers, Trends & Treatment

This activity’s design is for the educational needs of health care professionals and neurologists responsible for the care of clients with spasticity because of the central nervous system (CNS) lesions from disease or injury.

Learning Objectives

Once participants complete the activity, they will be capable of:

  • Defining the clinical effect of spasticity with respect to quality of life and musculoskeletal complications in children and adults
  • Describing the advantages & limitations of the grading scales and clinical tools used to test magnitude and function of disability
  • Evaluating the benefits & adverse event risks using available therapies for clients with spasticity
  • Outlining a proper treatment plan to meet functional improvement and goals developed for & with each patient


  • Interdisciplinary Tracheostomy Team: Where to Start

This presentation focuses on the interdisciplinary airway-management team application in improving patient outcomes through team building suggestions and strategies. Models and resources offered have questions & answers. It’s advisable that you pass the Application of Passy-Muir Swallowing & Speaking Valves before registering for this program.

Learning Objectives

  • After completion of this course, applicants will be capable of:
  • Identifying the key members and roles of an interdisciplinary tracheostomy management team.
  • Discussing ways an interdisciplinary team impacts the positive outcome of the ventilator dependent and/or tracheostomized patient.
  • Listing 3 goals of an interdisciplinary tracheostomy management team
  • Describing the use of Passy-Muir Valve in the interdisciplinary weaning protocol
  • Toxic Alert

This course’s goal is to teach nurses about the basic OTC, prescription & herbal products which cause liver and renal toxicity, with a keen emphasis on patient’ populations that are at risk.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this course, participants will be capable of:

  • Discussing drugs which cause renal toxicity & listing their toxicity mechanisms
  • Discussing drugs which cause liver toxicity & listing their toxicity mechanisms
  • Identify risk factors that develop drug-induced liver or renal toxicity
  • Improving Critical Thinking & Clinical Reasoning

The aim of this course is to aid nurses to improve their clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Learning Objectives

  • After studying all the information, you will be capable of:
  • Describing the clinical reasoning and critical thinking in the framework of your practice
  • Identifying skills and characteristics demonstrating critical thinking
  • Utilizing specific strategies to advance your clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills, and those of other health care professionals


  • Missing Nursing Care: Finding the Solutions

This course’s goal is to find the concept of missed nursing care, how it impacts patient care, and what measures are in place to reduce missed care.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, applicants will be capable of:

  • Describing the factors that lead to missed care
  • Analyzing research findings closely associated with missing nursing care
  • Identifying solutions to reduce missed care in all settings
  • A Helping Handheld Computer

This continuing education program’s aim is to update and inform nurses on the advancements in technology and the growing use of mobile/computer technology in health care, specifically at providing care.

Learning Objectives

After studying all the information detailed here, nurses are able to:

  • Identify most common types of operating systems and mobile devices
  • Discuss key factors considered when choosing a mobile phone
  • Name at least 3 ways to use mobile devices in any clinical setting
  • Nurses Right At Home In Healthcare Medical Homes

This program’s aim is to inform RNs about the medical home’s model of health care & the issues nurses should know about the initiatives of the healthcare medical home.

Learning Objectives

After course completion, you will capable of:

  • Describing the health-care medical home components in primary care
  • Discussing how health-care medical homes benefit families, patients and the health care team
  • Describing how nursing plays a role in the cooperative team approach to health-care medical home’s health care coordination
  • Dietary Nitrates & Dietary Supplements

In today’s market, patients have multiple dietary supplement choices available to them. Many patients will ask their nurse providers, physicians, local pharmacists, dietitians and physical assistants, for aid in deciding whether they need dietary supplements and which ones to buy. This activity or continuing education program designed to explain the role dietary nitrates play in reducing oxygen cost, improving athletic performance and lowering blood pressure. Additionally, this activity supports your counselling efforts through examining dietary supplement regulations with particular emphasis on Dietary Supplement Health & Education (DSHEA), identifying counselling points to help patients, discussing the adverse-event reporting process and describing voluntary quality verification programs.

Learning Objectives

After completing the activity, participants are capable of:

  • Listing 3 key components of Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA)
  • Outlining labeling claims & Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) needs to be covered by DSHEA
  • Describing voluntary programs attesting to quality dietary supplements
  • Identifying counseling points to help clients/patients make informed choices
  • Describing reporting of adverse events that involve dietary supplements
  • Explaining how dietary nitrates reduce blood pressure and nitric oxide production
  • Describing how dietary nitrates enhance exercise performance
  • Listing 4 good dietary nitrate sources


  • Proper Positioning Helps Prevent Nerve Damage During Surgery

The goal of this free nursing ceus is to give the perioperative team of nurses with information about the proper positioning of patients undergoing surgery & other invasive procedures, emphasizing on preventing intraoperative nerve damage that affects the upper extremity.

Learning Objectives

After studying all the information, you will be capable of:

  • Identifying areas of the upper extremities at greatest risk for developing nerve damage related to position during invasive or operative procedures
  • Discussing the collective efforts of the anesthesia provider, surgeon, perioperative nurse and assisting personnel required for proper patient positioning
  • Describing interventions required to prevent intraoperative nerve injury
  • Listing 5 primary mechanisms for perioperative neuropathies
  • Describing the most common upper-extremity injuries
  • Nurse Take Care of Yourself

This presentation’s purpose is to discuss the reason nurses should care for themselves & ways to integrate self-care measures into their personal lives.

Learning Objectives

Once you complete this free nursing ceus online, you will be capable of:

  • Identifying how professional compartments can impact personal well-being
  • Analyzing how to make your own life and work balance
  • Describing 4 methods for personal self-care

Female doctor working on a computer in the office. [url=][img][/img][/url]

  • Help During Depression

This is a short free nursing ceus course that examines the symptoms, types, causes & treatments for depression. The course further prepares the participant to suggest possible self-help treatment options, to refer people to the most helpful healthcare professionals, and to analyze various cases of depression, where appropriate.

Learning Objectives

Once you pass the course, you will be capable of:

  • Listing the types of depression & their symptoms
  • Describing the causes of depression
  • Discussing the different treatments of depression
  • Suggesting help for 4 case studies in depression

The course format consists of online linked lectures & resources that you can use anytime. One multi-choice test is also included.

  • Legislation & Advanced Practice Nurses: an Update

The aim of this course is to familiarize Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) as well as APRN students with updated state and federal legislation that will have a great impact on their practice.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, you will be capable of:

  • Describing the 4 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) roles
  • Describing the purpose & target implementation dates of the APRN’s Consensus Model
  • Identifying the (IOM) Future of Nursing report advisory to remove the barriers to the APRNs scope of practice
  • Identifying recent state legislations that impact APRN practice
  • Describing nurses’ opportunities to support the legislation
  • Looking Toward the Future: Nursing Roles Across the Continuum

This presentation’s design is to discuss various nurse settings & how nurses can successfully transition from one setting or specialty to another.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this free cues for nurses, you will be capable of:

  • Describing 4 areas where registered nurses (RNs) are employed or practice outside of acute-care
  • Analyzing ways to choose the right practice setting for you
  • Identifying 4 techniques to aid you successfully transition your settings


Additional free nursing ceus include:

  1. The Role of The FNP in the Reinvention of Healthcare
  2. Keep it Clean: Hand Hygiene and Skin Antisepsis
  3. Enhancing Communications With Families
  4. The Future of Nursing Report
  5. HIPPA: A Clinician’s Guide to Using and Protecting
  6. Bladder Management After Spinal Cord Injury: A Practical Approach

To sum it up, plenty free nursing ceus are available to complete your continuing education needs and licensing requirements. Other than, there are other favorite sites you can collect free nursing online ceus, including,,, and If you need specific education enhancements or need to meet your state’s required ceus for licensing, or just looking to learn more about your specialty or profession, free online nursing ceus might be the way to go.


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