Lutheran School of Nursing: All You Want to Know About Financial Aid Programs, Clinicals, Students’ Services


Lutheran School of Nursing (LSN) is a nursing school that is a department of St. Alexius hospital. It has been in existence for more than 100 years, giving nurses an opportunity to make professionals of themselves.

It is located south of St. Louis Avenue, on the Jefferson campus of St. Alexius hospital.

It has a 26-month hospital-based diploma in nursing program that comprised of registered nurse track and Licensed Program Nurse (LPN) to Registered Nurse (RN) track.

The Lutheran’s School of Nursing students acquire hand on clinical experience and receive classroom instructions in educational building. Which include an instructional laboratory, a conference room, health science library and classrooms.

The Lutheran’s Nursing students also have access to financial aid, counselling opportunity, student housing and leadership opportunities in the Student Body Government Association (SBGA).


Requirements to Get into Lutheran School of Nursing


  1. a) A typed 2page, double-spaced essay, using 12-point font size, in Standard English detailing reasons for your interest in LSN, and why you want to become a Registered Nurse.
  2. b) You should have a passing score on a reading comprehensive assessment.
  3. c) You must present official high-school transcripts.
  4. d) You must have a passing score on a math entrance exam.
  5. e) You must avail a post-secondary transcript from the institution you attended.
  6. f) You must have an ACT score of 20 or 2.5 cumulative college grade point average with a minimum 20 hours college level completed to qualify for the registered nurse track.
  7. g) You must have a copy of a valid licenced program nurse license, and you must pass the LPN dosage calculation and proficiency exam, in order to qualify for the LPN to RN path.

Students’ Services at  Lutheran School of Nursing


  1. Orientation program

This is meant for the new students, it is a thorough program aimed at settling in the new addition to LSN, and caters for traditional and non-traditional students’ needs.

Which comprise of:

  • Foundation program that involve CPR training, uniform fittings, computer instructions, comprehensive assessments, study skills among others.
  • Residence life move-in day and orientation which is held every first week of the beginning of each semester.
  • Students orientation the faculty, policies and procedures and the facility of Lutheran Nursing School are introduced to the students.
  1. Student at risk program

With the knowledge that most of student’s poor performance is contributed to by various things and conditions, this program aims at recognising a drop of performance in its early stages and addressing it accordingly.

  1. Counselling services

A fulltime professional counsellor is always available to the students in Lutheran School for nurses. His or her work is to do the following:

  • To confidentially assist the students with personal issues, career development and academic skills
  • To help the student in the personal and professional development
  • To be in a position to be there for students when needed
  • To have a vast knowledge in different areas to best help the student
  • To refer students to other professional services for specific concerns or issues
  1. Faculty mentor program

This program in this nursing school involves matching students with a faculty member. The faculty member is expected to mentor the student and guide him/her through their stay in the school. For this program to work both are urged to value communication in order to be in a position to earn something from it.

  1. Student activity

The school has a Student Body Government Assembly (SBGA), which is involved with coming up with social and service events for the entire nursing community, students, and faculty members to participate in. these kind of activities help the students to do what they love and get to know each other together with the faculty. It also helps to learn how to take responsibility, especially when they are tasked with a crucial role.

  1. Spiritual needs

The School has a spiritual centre on the first floor of LSN residence. Moreover, there is a chapel at the hospital, St. Alexius. This helps to cater for the students spiritual needs if need be.

  1. Special workshop

Seminars and workshops can be arranged to address certain issues forwarded by the students, or those that the administration deems as important to address. These topics may include but not limited to communication skills, stress management, note and test taking, career guidance (resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and job seeking skills)

  1. Academic assistance
  2. Student health

Financial Aid Programs at Lutheran School of Nursing


  1. Hospital employees at St. Alexius

Forest park or employees’ children, spouses or the employee themselves are qualified for a 15% of discount on both lab and tuition fees.

      2. Lutheran’s Nursing students’ leadership positions

  • Residence hall receptionist — 25% to 40% discount on tuition fess whilst holding the position.
  • Library assistant — a discount of 25%-50% on their course tuition while in the position. He/she must be willing to work 10-15 hours a week.
  • Residence hall assistant — given a free dormitory room.
  • Note taker — 25% discount on course tuition while in the position.

3. Missouri nursing students’ loans and repayment programs

This loan is sponsored by Missouri’s Department on health for both professional and practical nursing students. A Lutheran student can apply for this loan whose interest rate is 9.5%. Nevertheless, they allow the student 6 months before they can pay the loan after graduation. Even better news is that 25% of the accrued interest added to principal accumulated may be pardoned each year if the licensed graduate complies with the set prerequisites of need.

       4. Veterans’ benefits

The Dependent Educational Assistance in short referred to as DEA has to provide to children whose parents were veterans who died due to disability they got while in the line of service.

       5. Federal-plus-loan program (parent loan)

It is a non-based loan provide to a parent with a child who is dependent. The parent borrows the loan for the child.

Loan rate stands fixed at 6.84% currently.

        6. Unsubsidized Stafford Federal loan program

It is a low interest and not based on any need kind of a loan available to the Nursing students. It is disbursed directly through the education department just like the rest of the school. It comes with a 1% origination fee and a non-changing rate of interest at 4.29%. The student is held accountable for all the interest accrued on disbursement to when fully settled. A dependent student can borrow up $2000 annually while an independent student can borrow up to $6000 annually.

       7. Subsidized-Stafford Federal loan

It is a low-interest need-based program with an origination fee of 1% and interest rate of 4.29%. Level 1 Lutheran School of Nursing student can borrow $3500 annually while level 2 can borrow up to $4500 annually.

You have probably decided that Lutheran School of Nursing is your chosen path to your nursing vocation. As you have read in the previous section, this is a globally known nursing school and has been in the service for nurses or over 100 years. There is every reason that you should want to be here.

Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing


PLU is one of the revered nursing universities not only in the US but the world over. The sizes of classes/cohorts are small giving each student the chance to enjoy what has been dubbed the PLU experience. All the programs right are accredited and students come out with remarkable theoretical and practical knowledge; both crucial for making a good career in the field.

Let’s sample 2 of the nursing programs offered in the faculty of nursing at this university:

LSN: this is one of the most rigorous programs you can enroll into. For those who want to study and work, this program will only allow you minimum hours per week. For most, 16 hours of work is manageable alongside the LSN program (anything above this will affect your grades and you risk being dropped). Once you start this program, you will start on clinicals in the fifth week as opposed to most of the other programs that start clinicals during their second year. The lab classroom may be somehow obsolete but you will get adequate floor settings early and this will come in handy once you are done with school. You may start with almost 45 students but you will definitely lose some on the way. There is real stiff competition and tough testing that some classmates will have to be dropped. But you will also get additions from those bridging from LPN to RN.


BSN: bachelor of nursing is offered at Lutheran and it targets those with no prior nursing experience. For a fresh student it would take 3 years to conclude the course and this does not include the time taken for going through the prequalification courses to this program. Once students are done with this course they qualify to apply for NCLEX and earn licensure as registered nurses in Washington State.


The process for the qualification of this course is as follows:

  • Application to the college.
  • Go through the prerequisite courses and pass with at least 2.0 average and it should have been in an accredited institution.
  • Completion of 30 semesters in a college having gone through course work enabling you to apply for the chance. You should have an average pass rate of 2.75 points.
  • You have to present a proof of physical health before you get the nod to join the school.
  • You also have to demonstrate that you are fluent in both written and spoken English.
  • Finally you have to present a record of criminal history before you are cleared to join the school.

This university, for the last 7 years has had a pass rate of 90% and above. In 2009 the pass rate was 91.7% as compared to the national rate at 91.5%. In 2012 the pass rate was the highest ever at 97.56% compared to the national average of 92.8%. There is every reason to believe in what happens here and hence in consistency with the high number of applications received each year.

Why PLU Stays Ahead in the Nursing Niche?


PLU is a believer in staying abreast of the changes in healthcare sector and producing the best nurses. This has been the reason why the institution stays ahead of many other schools offering the same programs. The staunch belief in practical approach to nursing education has been one reason why the institution has continued to receive many annual applications. Keeping small classes has been a secret why their pass rating has been getting stronger each year as seen for the last 7 years.

Review of the Programs at Lutheran Nursing School


There is the entire list of all nursing programs any applicant would wish to follow. LPN, LSN, RN, BSN, MSN, name them all. It is a one-stop school where you can start at the lowest level of nursing and go up to the topmost qualification as a nurse. The programs are competitive and only take in the best. There is rigorous testing at each level to ensure that the nurses graduating are competent and fully meet the professional requirement of this crucial niche to the healthcare sector. There is no debating that Lutheran Nursing School has cut itself a reputable name not only in St. Louis Mo but the entire federation and the world at large.

What Are the Clinicals Like at Lutheran School of Nursing?


The clinicals come 2 days a week running from 7 am to 3 pm. Lectures will occupy the other 3 days of each week. You have to be prepared for hectic 5 days for the week but it is good for your grades. For anyone who is working it would be a bit tricky to keep up with the school schedule. For many of those who are working they have to slash down their paycheck days so as to seamlessly fit in this schedule. From experience, it is likely that you will be hired if you have some working experience under your belt so it is important you balance your class time and work.

If you were wondering whether or not to apply for Lutheran as your nursing school, you now have answers. The school is accredited and you can be sure to get out with good academic experience. From alumni, it is attested that you will have the chance to compete fairly with graduates from other nursing schools.

Overall Verdict: Why Lutheran School of Nursing is a Good Choice of a Nursing School?


Being in the nursing industry for more than a century, Lutheran School has gathered adequate experience to know what is needed for the healthcare. The faculty is made up of qualified staff members. The range of programs is one thing to assure you of getting all that you desire in your career. There is flexibility for learners as you have a choice either to on fulltime or part-time basis.


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