NHS Jobs: The Most Coveted Career Field


NHS (National Health Service) is the largest single employer in the United Kingdom. NHS jobs is an online recruitment website of NHS and other healthcare organizations. More than 1.3 million employees are working with NHS. You can find a job in the NHS regardless of your interests, qualifications, and skills. The workforce of NHS is entirely diverse and multicultural. You must have relevant experience and qualifications to apply for an NHS job. In order to get a job, you must clearly demonstrate essential criteria.


  • Career at NHS
  • Salary and Working Conditions
  • Benefits of NHS Jobs
  • Requirements for NHS Jobs
  • NHS: The Best Employer for Career Development


Career at NHS


NHS offers a wide range of challenging and exciting job opportunities for those who are passionate about making a difference in their career. The employer offers more than 350 different careers. So, there is a job for you in NHS regardless of your skills, interests, and qualifications. You can join any area of the NHS. This is the best way to become a part of a passionate and talented team of people. All the employees of NHS are committed to providing the best treatment and care to patients. NHS also offers the most competitive and flexible benefits packages. You will not get these benefits from any employers in the UK.


A typical day of NHS includes:

  • More than 835,000 people visit practice nurse or GP practice
  • Around 36,000 people visit hospital for planned treatment
  • Around 94,000 patients admitted to hospital for emergency
  • Around 49,000 outpatient consultations
  • Around 50,000 people visit emergency and accident departments


Salary and Working Conditions


Those who join the NHS can expect a salary that matches their responsibilities and abilities. You will also get lots of opportunities to increase your salary and benefits through training and development. The NHS salary system is called Agenda for Change (AFC). It applies to all employees except dentists, doctors and very senior managers. The average salary of those who work in NHS is around £41,570. The salary of some of the professions in NHS is described below. The data is collected from payscale.com.

  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner : £50,917
  • Biomedical Scientist : £45,052
  • Audiologist : £41,020
  • Business Administration Manager : £31,159
  • Care worker : £19,951
  • Care Coordinator : £24,038
  • Business Intelligent Developer : £53,927
  • Clinical Nurse Manager : £50,686
  • Clinical Engineer : £34,797
  • Clinical Coder : £23,279
  • Cleaner : £21,971
  • Certified Nurse Assistant : £24,657
  • Dentist : £97,210
  • Dental Nurse : £25,245
  • Data Analyst : £30,964
  • Community Support Worker : £22,200
  • General Surgeon : £134,784
  • General Practitioner : £115,739
  • Finance Manager : £68,515
  • Director of Communication : £125,900
  • Maintenance Electrician : £36,276
  • Internal Auditor : £28,335
  • House Keeper : £21,330
  • Hospital Registrar : £76,190
  • Midwife : £48,732
  • Microbiologist : £42,076
  • Neurosurgeon : £461,816
  • Radiologist : £162,798
  • Physiotherapist : £55,783
  • Receptionist : £18,356
  • Registered Nurse : £37,000
  • Secretary : £27,016
  • Software Developer : £55,768
  • Senior Systems Engineer : £60,085


Benefits of NHS Jobs

NHS recognizes the significance of a healthy balance between life and work. Therefore, the organization introduced IWL (Improving Working Lives) initiatives in 2000. It also helps to bring a real culture change in the NHS such as improving productivity, increasing motivation, and reducing stress among staff. NHS also offers flexible working. So, employees can handle part-time roles and job-share opportunities. Weekend, evening and term-time only positions are also available. NHS also helps with child care, which includes nursery care, emergency care and after school clubs. NHS also helps to combine your commitments if you are raising a family, studying for a qualification or juggling other responsibilities. You can also access occupational health services like counseling.

NHS also offers learning and developmental opportunities to all full-time and part-time employees. You can also access extra training regardless of your profession within NHS. You will also get lots of opportunities to make progress within the organization. Besides, you will also get a development plan and annual personal review to support your career progression. You will also get encouragement for improving your knowledge and skills.


Requirements for NHS Jobs

You can get into an NHS role in a number of different ways. School leavers can apply for domestic services, administration, clinical support work, and many others. GCSEs are not required for applying for many of these jobs. High-grade GCSEs or A-levels are required for applying for some job opportunities. Lots of apprenticeships in many career areas are also available. Once you join with NHS in these roles, you can extend your role and receive further qualifications. Higher education qualification is required for many NHS careers in areas such as science, health, and social care. A specific degree or diploma is enough for getting a clinical role.


Pre-employment checks

Before hiring you for a job, your employer will carry out a series of employment checks depending on the type of your job. You need to provide proof of your right to work in the UK. So, you need to produce a document or a combination of documents to confirm your eligibility. These documents can include your passport, immigration documents, or visa if you are a non-national.

In order to work with NHS, you must be free from criminal records. If you are seeking for a position related to security, your credit history will be checked. All NHS staff must undergo a pre-appointment health check. It adheres to good occupational health practice and equal opportunities legislation.


NHS: The Best Employer for Career Development


NHS offers a standard working week of 37.5 hours to its employees. If you work overtime, shift and out of hours, you will get more payment. You will get 27 holidays in a year. Besides, you will also get 8 public and general holidays. If you have 10 years of experience with NHS, you will get 33 holidays in a year. NHS follows better career and salary progression. You will get very good salary on the basis of your skills and knowledge. In order to support career aspirants, NHS also conduct annual personal development reviews.

A career at NHS provides you an opportunity to work at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation. It allows you to work nationally on large issues. Based on your skill and qualification, you can join in any area. NHS hires people of all ages, levels of experience and backgrounds. The organization believes that this is helpful for understanding different needs of patients and provides them the best possible services. NHS Pension Scheme is one of the most comprehensive and generous pension schemes in the UK. Once you get an NHS job, you will automatically become a member of the Pension scheme. This pension scheme will give you an excellent package of pension benefits.


NHS provides equal career opportunities to all. It also provides good working conditions to its employees. You will also get lots of opportunities to make advancements in your career if you work with NHS. So, you can reach your full potential very easily. Therefore, NHS careers are the best for those who want to get a very good salary, advancements in career and other benefits.

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