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With all the responsibilities that come to you as a nurse, you would need something more than just money to keep you moving. Nursing quotes come to give comfort when you had to take in a bad experience with a patient. You would not miss something to keep you believing that this is a career you have always wanted and would keep giving the best for it. Well, if you have been looking for word phrase to keep you encouraged here is a collection that will give you a reason to keep doing better every day.



All-Time Great Nursing Quotes

Probably they will forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel. — Maya Angelou

It tells that you should not have to seek for recognition but let your service say so much about you.

A nurse dispenses passion, comfort and caring and they do not need prescription. — Val Saintsbury.

This is one of the statements that describe what a nurse does from one day to the other. It can remind you how noble your job is and give a reason to keep going.


Doing what nobody would do, in a way that nobody can do in spite all that we have to go through; that is what it takes to be a nurse. — Rawsi Williams.

It is a reminder that what nurses do is not what every other person would do. It takes courage, determination, and the will to serve to be a nurse.

When it comes to our job, we cushion sorrow and celebrate the job. That is us while we are just doing our job. — Christine Belle.

Constant care by a good nurse is equal or way better than a major operation by a surgeon. — Dag Hammarskjold.

If you did not believe that nursing is such a great career then here is a reckoning that you are just as great as any other medical practitioner.

The trained nurse is one of the greatest blessings that will ever happen to humanity. In fact, they rank in the same breathe with physicians and priests. — William Osler.

Yes, they are blessing to mankind because no one would be able to fit in their shoes. They do what others would not wish to and that is why they are noble.


Nurses are the heart of healthcare for without them it would not be as good as it is today. —Donna Wilk.

They are at the center of the health care and you are right to term nurses as the driving force in this sector.

You character as a nurse is equally important to the knowledge and expertise you possess. — Carolyn Javis.

You may have the best academic papers to qualify you as a nurse but that is not all that matters. Your character as a person has a big role to play to your career. In a nutshell, you cannot separate your character from what you do.


You will be compelled to face danger but never should you fear it. As soldiers stand to fight, you can take your role to feed and nurse them. — Clara Barton.

You would be like the soldiers who never show any fear even at the face of the biggest enemy. They forge forward knowing that they may die but never look back. Nurses are to save humanity even if that means putting your life at crossfire.

When I sit to think about all the patients and their families that I have had the chance to work with or give service, I see a beautiful career that it has been. I know they may not remember me or me remembering them but I gave a part to their life that I would never have had the chance if I chose another career. That summarizes my nursing career. — Donna Wilk Cardillo.

If this would be a description of your career then you know that you have been a blessing to many people and that is all that counts for a great career.

The Most Inspiring Nursing Quotes

You had a chance for all-time best nursing sayings but you should not forget that you can get specific with the quotes and draw some inspiration. Here are some of the best inspirational phrases about this great career:

Nurses will not wait till it is October to make a difference because they do that every day. Each day they make a great contribution worth celebrating. — Unknown from

This is a career that will not need a reason to celebrate because everything they do is worthy a celebration all the time.

Nurses are unique in what they do. They have a thing with caring for others and this is their strength and as well as their flaw. — Dr. Jean Watson.

Your strength is in caring for others and that makes a good part of the society. You are selfless and you would give all for others and sometimes forget that you have a life and health to take care of.


You cannot build a house without its foundation and so you would not build a hospital without nurses. — Anonymous.

Going back to the crucial role played by nurses, here is a saying that will underscore the big role you play to make the society better. You are part of the foundation of the healthcare sector and you should be proud of it.

You will be present when a new life is brought to the world and in many cultures this a very sacred moment. Many people will not be welcomed but you will be specifically invited in such moments and this is a great honor. — Thom Dick.

It is about the midwives and the neonatal specialists who have to be there when babies are born. You are such an important part of human life that you welcome it.


A nurse is the source of hope when that hope would not come from any other place. You can call them an angel with a stethoscope and you know all is going to be alright. —Terri Guillemets.

Angels are powerful and helpful and a nurse fits that description. You are part of a good thing and you should be happy for it.

Dedication and Love-Showing Nursing Quotes

In almost all careers, none requires the much-needed dedication as is expected in nursing. That is why it is a practice to have day nursing quotes that will show love and appreciation for what they do. From the nurses and those who feel obliged to praise their work; here are sayings that instill dedication and love for what they do:

Do you wish to speak to the doctor in charge or you would better see the nurse who really knows what is happening? — Anonymous.

This places a nurse in the know zone more than a doctor would. Nurses are on the forefront and know what is on the ground as opposed to a doctor who spends most time at the office.


Ours is a job to love at all situations especially when it hurts and when it is awkward. We are a team that bears the burden of each other and we answer others’ questions. — Jamie Tworkowski.

This is right because nurses will come together and give their best to save a life. They thrive on team spirit and they will always have an answer to your situation.

Being a nurse you have to hold back your tears and instead start drawing smiles from other people. — Dana Basem.

It is not that nurses do not have their own problems; they too have them. But they choose to hold them back so as to serve the society and make other peoples laugh. You cannot expect this selflessness from any other professions but only in nursing.


Every nurse is like an angel and they bear the key to a healthy community. Caring for patients even in their most dire needs is a portion from the nursing soul. — Aleksandar Radunovic.

Indeed, nurses are the angels in our midst. Because of them, the society is free from diseases and prosperity comes with their contribution to healthy bodies.

When were concerned about health, nurses are the first line of communication that we go to. They serve patients in their various capacities and it all leads to a better community. — Lois Capps.

Once more nurses are the people you turn to when it is not well with your healthy. They take it as their duty to make you healthy once more.


Whether it is a male or female, a nurse remains to be that way: a nurse. — Gary Veale.

You can never differentiate male and female nurses because they all give you the same kind of service. They are great and it does not matter their gender.

When you treat a disease, there are 2 outcomes: a win or a loss. But when you treat a person no matter the end results, you always win. — Patch Adams.

Nurses are always winners since they treat people and that is what counts more than anything else.

You should draw courage and zeal from these nursing sayings. They are all meant to give you the belief that as a nurse you are always doing the right thing. Of course, you are and you should keep on doing that as long as you remain a nurse. Even at the height of problems with your job, remember these nursing phrases and make them part of your career life.


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