top nursing schools

It is in everyone’s desire to join one of the top nursing schools. The chances are that you will perform better and probability for jobs is higher than those who went just to any school they could find. And as it goes, no one would like to be associated with a mediocre nursing qualification that would be the laughing stock of friends. If you are so much into nursing, you should be on your heels to get the chance to learn at the best possible school. If you wish it to be in one of the top nursing schools, then here is all you ought to know.


top nursing schools

Top Nursing Schools You Should Make Your Pick From

Now to the real things, which nursing schools make to get to the prestigious list. For your own sampling here is a good number to make your choice easy:

  1. Columbia Nursing School

top nursing schools

Being under the bigger Columbia University, an Ivy League member, you cannot doubt what this nursing school has to offer. Its nursing faculty is where every American nursing aspirant wants to be. Despite the dwindling financing due to tough economic times, the university and the nursing faculty continue to perform way better than it would be expected. It is ranked top in the New York State and the country as well due to it selectiveness and the degrees offered. It is not an easy thing to get your way into this university, especially the nursing department. The university receives thousands of applications each year and to get an opportunity here is quite a task. The staff members are world class, handpicked to ensure top performance of the school and the institution as a whole.

top nursing schools

  1. University of California — Los Angels

top nursing schools

Of all the nursing schools in California, this university leads from the front. Being the largest university in the state of California, this is not the only thing this university boasts of. The study programs, competitiveness for getting a chance here and the overall ambient learning environment makes it sit among the top nursing institutions. Its deep root connection to Ronald Reagan Medical center makes it even a better choice for many students. The facilities are top class and learning here gives you higher chances of finding a job faster.

  1. John Hopkins School of Nursing

top nursing schools

The mere mention of this name makes you think about the many opportunities that will come your way once you graduate from this globally known nursing school. Sheltered at John Hopkins University, a non-profit university, the school offers one of the best nursing programs not only in the US but all over the entire world. The school’s motto “reputation for excellence” has been a guiding torch that keeps many students applying for chances. The rigorous mode of study ensures that students are fully equipped with both practical and theoretical knowledge giving them a chance to outshine other graduates from the rival nursing schools.

top nursing schools

  1. Emory School of Nursing

top nursing schools

Yet another Ivy League institution, Emory University is a home to one of the top ranking nursing schools in the country. With a massively funded research initiative, the school offers some of the leading courses in nursing. It offers both masters and bachelor degrees. It also offers accelerated programs, now popular among working nurses that are a big attraction to many students. Its pursuit of a free world and its hosting of His Holiness Dalai Lama has made a huge mark in the world and it is a top choice for those who want a diversified and guaranteed excellence in nursing.

  1. NY University School of Nursing

Of all the nursing schools in New York, this is the leading university in that sphere. You will have it all from bachelor to Ph.D. and be one of the top nursing professionals in your field. NIH places the NY nursing school at top 5 in the entire country and that tells you how much good will be coming your way if you get admitted here as a student. If you are in a rush to get your nursing papers, there is an accelerated program that will be over in 15 months. The facilities are top-notch and that is a thing that keeps it flying high year after the other.

  1. University of Arizona Nursing School

top nursing schools

The list of nursing schools in Arizona is never complete without the mention of this one. Located at Poetry Center, the school offers accredited nursing courses that every student wants to have on their resume. It has a favorable student-to-staff ratio giving it a good name in not only offering interactive education but high-quality programs to compete fairly in the job market. Studying here also comes with its own advantages as it has been predicted that the state of Arizona will be one of the leading with high numbers of nursing vacancies.

  1. Yale School of Nursing

Yale School of Nursing

This school, being in one of the global leading universities, is where every nursing student wants to be. With a solid foundation in the medical field, the school offers some of the best and competitive programs you can get anywhere. It offers a myriad of nursing programs and you get to choose whether to go for full time or part time. To keep a competitive edge over other nursing institutions, this school offers both hybrid and online courses that have become a major choice for those who want to study and work at the same time.

top nursing schools

  1. Duke Nursing School

top nursing schools

Duke University has one of the most extensive and well-furnished medical centers in the entire federation. Therefore, it is a dream come true to take your nursing study in Duke School of nursing. Fully equipped with latest medical technology, adequately funded research, a pool of programs to choose from; this is one of the places to study your nursing course. The faculty-to-student ratio is yet another thing to make sure you desire even more to enroll here for your nursing studies. It offers accelerated programs for those who want to be done with studies and be on their way to the job market.

top nursing schools

It is by no chance that this list is exhaustive. There are nursing schools out there that offer the best courses and learning environment. Now we will explore how the ranking of top nursing schools is done and help you make an informed decision.

You have probably made a choice about the top nursing schools you wish to join. Good for you if you found one that will help you achieve your dream. However, you still need something more to help in making the final choice of the school you have to join. For instance, do you know how those nursing schools are ranked? If not, you need to be informed about this process and what goes around it. Here is a detailed account of all that goes around in ranking nursing institutions.

The criteria of ranking top nursing schools


There is so much that goes into ranking nursing schools right from the physical aspects to things that the naked eye cannot see. Well, for the general purposes here are the parameters used to rank nursing schools:

  • Recognition by renowned publications: this is one of the ways to gauge the popularity of a nursing institution. These publications may be journals, newspapers and the lot of the media outlets with the authority to sway opinion. But such opinions must be based on concrete reasons for them to be given any serious consideration.
  • Selectiveness: there are nursing schools where getting a chance to join them is a mere dream. Such institutions have to deal with millions of annual applications. This competitiveness for chances is one way to gauge how good a nursing school is.
  • Teaching fraternity: the quality of tutors and staff is used to measure how well-equipped a nursing institution is. This is one way to tell the quality of education offered. Diverse, competent and highly qualified staffs give the institutions higher positions.
  • Architecture: the physical appearance of institutions plays a key role towards their ranking. The form of building and attached physical structures help in gauging how good a school is. It is no wonder that big and renowned universities take the lead since they have unmatchable physical appearances and continue to expand for the future.
  • Competition for places: top nursing schools are not for everyone. They are selective and receive millions of applications every year. Only a few of the applicants get the chance to make it. It is such competitiveness that makes such institutions the chance to be in the top ranks.
  • Contemporary technology and infrastructure: in this world of technology, everyone is looking for opportunities to get the best services and products. Top universities and colleges have increased the resources allocated to technology so as to remain competitive. Depending on how a nursing school is equipped in terms of modern facilities and other technologies, it is either ranked highly or low.
  • Programs offered: the kind of programs offered in a certain nursing school will be a way to establish its authority in the medical field. There are those that offer a few programs while others offer all programs that pertain to nursing. Those with a huge variety of programs to offer are ranked highly and attract more students.

top nursing schools

Who digs out the data used to rank top nursing schools

You need to know where data used in ranking nursing schools comes from. This will enable you determine whether it is credible and as you make your choice you are indeed making the right one. There are only 2 sources of data used for ranking nursing schools;

  • NIH research funding that digs out all the data about each institution brings out their strengths and weaknesses.
  • U.S News & World Reports is yet another body that credibly digs into latest data on a range of things and people including schools.

Arguably, these are the best sources that have been used in the past and continue to be used in bringing up stats for ranking purposes. Now you have a reason to believe in the top list of many things you read on.

Issues around nursing school ranking

As much as the ranking of nursing schools is done by credible stakeholders, there are still some issues that arise. It is therefore crucial that you know such issues so as to make a decision that you will not come to regret. For your help, here are some of these issues and you should take note of them before you commit yourself to a certain school:

  • The ranking is not all-inclusive of the things you are looking for in your dream nursing school. When it comes to picking your school of choice, you will need something that is within your preferences. For instance, such ranking cannot measure the quality of life in a given institution. Therefore, this is an aspect that tends to be overlooked by statistics. If you are looking to a better campus life, then you have to rely not only on the ranking charts. You’d better visit the school and make a solid judgement.
  • The ranking is specifically targeted towards nursing department forgetting that the other departments may not be as good. This will affect the overall learning process and the promise of quality education will be negatively affected.
  • There are a lot of swayed opinions on what should be used as the criteria for ranking schools. There are those who put quality of education first while others look at the physical attributes. Due to these two opposing sides, it is never 100% correct to assume that everything presented in the rankings is a true reflection of things on the ground.
  • The power of money is yet another aspect that may sway opinion towards ranking of schools. There are institutions that pay their way to the top list. They want to earn a name to be able to attract students. Such is an unfortunate instance you have to deal with when you only rely on these ranking to make your decision.

top nursing schools

To choose a nursing school that you should join, it needs more than just looking at ranking charts. These rankings are not 100% accurate and you may end up making a wrong decision. Make a point of doing your own research on a school you so much want to join. You will make a decision that will help you achieve your nursing dreams.

Let’s count what you have so far. You know the top nursing schools and probably you have settled for a few choices if not one. Secondly, you know how the nursing school ranking is done and the issues that go around it. What remains is to know the small details of how you would join such top schools and if it is really necessary you join them. Here are the nitty gritties that you should deal with before you are 100% sure of where you have to go and why you have to do it.

Is it important that you join a top nursing school?

Have ever sat down and thought through why some schools receive more applications than others? You may have already had an answer on that. So, why is it important that you join a top nursing school?

  • You get a wide variety of programs: these top schools have been in place for years and have perfected the nursing science. They know what the world wants and craft programs pointed to modernity. You will not only be joining a great school, but also a pool of programs to choose from.
  • Access to the best nursing facilities and technology: technology drives the world. Nursing schools have not been left behind in this wing and you are assured of getting the best and latest technology in such top schools.
  • Competent tutors: these top schools attract the best tutors around the world. Their good name and the capability to pay top dollar keeps academicians attracted to their job opportunities. You will be opening your doors to greatness as you will be interacting with nursing professional with wide and specific knowledge in this field.
  • Competitive edge in the job market: there is some truth in the argument that graduates from certain schools enjoy an upper hand when it comes to job hunting. The popularity of your school will give you a favorable chance to be chosen over your colleagues from less renowned schools.
  • World opportunities: your scope of learning will not be limited to a specific country. You will rather gain expansive knowledge to enable you to work in any part of the world.

How to get into a top nursing school

You definitely want to join a top school for your nursing program. Well, you have a procedure to follow before you get a chance. If you are looking to enroll for your first degree, you will have to submit your application attaching your secondary results. You should have met the cutoff points to be considered. It is now easy to submit your application since you can do everything online. For masters and Ph.D., the application process is the same but you will be attaching advanced papers from your first degree. The school’s administration will have to go through your application and make a decision. Do not be heartbroken if you do not make it. There are so many applicants and the competition get tough. You can always try another time and you may be lucky.

top nursing schools

What are the advantages of joining a top nursing school?

  • Assured of academic excellence. These schools do make it to the top because first of all they are performing better. You can be sure you will get the best.
  • Chances for scholarships. These schools are connected to big people and organizations. They get massive funding from such partners. These funds are channeled to needs of the schools some of which include sponsoring exemplary performing students.
  • Internal evaluators should be used to help in the ranking of nursing schools. These are the people who know everything about an institution. Their insights would come in handy in ranking schools not only in nursing but also other fields.


Choosing the right Nursing School for you: your Preference counts

At the end of the day, you are the one who knows what you want. The choice of your nursing school lies in your court. The rankings are only here to point towards the right direction. You know what you want and your choice is final. There are other smaller nursing schools that offer excellent programs and you can try them out. Your passion is what will make you a great nursing professional. As much as joining a top nursing institution favors your odds, you should not beat yourself so hard to join one.

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