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The profession of nursing especially at one of the best colleges like Hondros College of nursing is fascinating and includes technical expertise, intuition, and scientific knowledge. Since the year 2006, the college has been graduating work ready professional nurses. They offer convenient enrollment four times a year with no prerequisites or wait lists for admission. In addition, students are allowed to schedule day, evening or weekend classes to be able to balance family and work. Students can earn their Practical Nursing diploma in about 12 months, an Associate Degree in Nursing in as few as 15 months and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in just 24 months only.

What sets Hondros College of Nursing apart from other nursing schools is their unique learn and earn ladder approach educational path. Students are allowed to start working in order to earn some income having completed one program or keep progressing through each program to the next level. With that said, let’s take a look at what this great college of nursing has to offer.


Is Hondros College of Nursing Accredited?


While it is not necessary to earn your nursing degree from an accredited college, it is highly recommended. This is because there are so many advantages to earning a degree or diploma from an accredited nursing school such as the availability of federal student financial aid.

Luckily, Hondros College of nursing is accredited by one of the largest national accrediting body, the Accrediting Council for Independent College and Schools (ACICS) to offer bachelor degrees, diplomas and academic associate degrees. ACICS is also recognized by both the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the United States Department of Education. Being accredited by ACICS body of degree-granting institutions provides assurance that the Hondros college of nursing meets nationally established benchmarks and standards.

In addition, their programs are also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). CCNE is a national programmatic accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education that supports and encourages continuing self-assessment by nursing education programs.

Has the Hondros College of Nursing Been Approved by the State Board?


At the end of nursing school, you’ll need to take the National Council Licensure Examination to be licensed as a nurse in your state. For this reason, studying in a nursing college that has been approved is important. Hondros College of nursing is registered with the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools of Ohio for the following locations:

  • Independence Branch Campus
  • Westerville Main Campus
  • Fairborn Branch Campus
  • West Chester Branch Campus

The board usually monitors and regulates Ohio’s private post-secondary career schools and colleges to make sure they are compliant with the minimum standards established by Ohio law. The college is also approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing for the Practical Nursing Diploma and the Associate Degree in Nursing programs. The body regulates the programs that prepare students for initial licensure as a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.

How to Enroll — Admission to Hondros College of Nursing


It is relatively easy to become a student at Hondros College school of nursing. The acceptance rate is 89.3 percent and the college usually considers accepting your advanced placement and dual credits at entry. The college admits students quarterly in order to minimize wait times thereby allowing students to begin their course of study as quickly as possible. Prior to applying to join the institution, the school usually recommends that students attend information sessions held on all four campuses. To enroll at this college, you will have to fill a form that requires you to answer some quick and simple questions to help the college understand the best next step for you. What’s more, there are no prerequisites to applying for the nursing program.

Hondros College School of Nursing: Programs



The college has applied for accreditation for all of its nursing programs with the CCNE. It offers three nursing programs for students at different levels of education and the programs have been approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN). The programs include:

  1. Practical Nursing program
  2. Associate Degree in Nursing program
  3. Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (RN-BSN)

1. Practical Nursing (PN) program


Students new to this field of nursing studying at Hondros College of Nursing usually first start with the practical nursing program. This program is offered in order to prepare students for certification as a Licensed practical nurse (LPN). Some of the skills students learn at Hondros College of Nursing Westerville that make them stand out from the crowd when applying for nursing positions include:

  • Routine Lab tests
  • IV therapy training
  • Clinical experience in the second quarter of your studies
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for safe nursing care
  • Nursing simulation practice with interactive manikins
  • Communication expertise necessary to interact with other healthcare workers
  • Professionalism that will promote patient trust
  • Enthusiasm you will need to keep patients satisfied

Upon acquiring the necessary skills of being an LPN, nursing students are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam in order to get LPN certification. The college usually helps its students prepare for the test in order succeed. Nurses can also obtain experience directly as a licensed practical nurse or choose to pursue further studies to obtain the registered nurse degree.

2. Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program


After obtaining your LPN diploma from Hondros College school of nursing, you can go ahead and pursue an associate degree in a nursing program just to take your career further. The program usually takes 15 months to complete and usually enables students to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. Hondros College of nursing accepts graduates of LPN program and even those who received an LPN certification from another nursing school. Some of the skills both hard and soft skills students can acquire at Hondros College of nursing include the following:

  • Deeper understanding of current healthcare trends and also world health issues
  • Expanded patient advocate skills
  • Demonstration of leadership accountability, supervision and task delegation
  • In-depth knowledge of effective patient communication techniques
  • Ability to use clinical judgment to be able to make better complex patient care decisions
  • Advanced critical thinking to be able to develop great-customized care plans
  • Mastery of patient evaluation of care effectiveness

After completing the program, you become eligible to apply for the NCLEX-RN exam. What’s more, the college normally provides it students with a lot of licensure examination preparation and review along the way.

3. Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (RN-BSN)


The RN to BSN program is an online nursing degree program for registered nurses who would wish to take another step in their education and earn a bachelor of science in nursing degree. The program is completed online in its entirety except for two practicum courses and requires as few as 24 months only to complete. However, students must be enrolled full-time at an average of 15-quarter credits per term to be able to complete RN to BSN in 24 months. It can be completed as and when students see fit. The program allows registered nurses to expand their personal growth as a nurse, significantly increase their earning potential and gain a broader perspective of the whole health-care spectrum.

In addition, Hondros College of nursing has made earning this degree extra rewarding and more attainable than before. The college offers ideal flexibility for those who want to pursue the degree part-time while working. With a BSN, you will definitely be meeting a sky-rocketing demand because, in a very recent survey, 77.4 percent of employers stated that they prefer working with BSN graduates in their health-care facilities. Some of the skills you are guaranteed to acquire include:

  • In-depth knowledge of quality improvement processes needed when evaluating customized care plans.
  • Ability to lead advancements in disaster and emergency preparedness.
  • Mastery of more complex therapeutic interventions and advanced problem solving.
  • A solid grasp of the latest humanistic, nursing and scientific theories.
  • Deeper understanding of quality and safety issues which are critical to employers.
  • Enhanced adaptability to be able to respond to all the demands of an evolving health-care industry.
  • Demonstration of professionalism and empathy for palliative and hospice care.
  • Ability to be able to leverage information technology in order to make legal and ethical practice decisions.

Additionally, as a student at Hondros College of Nursing studying BSN program, you also get to have an academic advisor throughout the program with plenty of guidance from the online faculty and an online librarian also to assist you to locate all the resources you may need. And upon completion of this program, students earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

Is there any Kind of Financial Aid for Hondros College of Nursing Programs?


Fortunately, Hondros College School of nursing offers comprehensive aid options for their students. They provide very personalized financial aid support including scholarships, grants, and alternative loans. Their staff members usually assist students through the financial aid process. Students can also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to determine their eligibility for financial aid. Some students may be so lucky to qualify for the payment plan which allows tuition to be paid in several installments. As a matter of fact, 84 percent of students at the Hondros College of Nursing Westerville receive federal grants, 2 percent state aid, 86 percent student loans and 96 percent other financial aid.

How Expensive or Cheap is Education at Hondros College? — Tuition and other Costs


Education at Hondros College of nursing Westerville is quite affordable. Tuition fee for students pursuing Licensed Practical Nurse Program is $18,000 while the cost of textbooks, other learning materials, and other fees is estimated to be $3,532 and the cost for technology package amounts to $489. On the other hand, tuition fee for Associate Degree in Nursing program amounts to $25,010, with technology package costs if needed amounting to $489 and textbooks, other materials and other fees $5,504 (estimated).

For RN to BSN programs, the tuition fee is around $25,520 and the estimated cost of textbooks, materials, and other extras is only $4,426 as consumed. All these costs are the only representative of current costs as of December 2015. They usually change without prior notification hence for a complete up-to-date fee structure, you can contact your Financial Aid Manger. In addition, enrollment and admission fees and fees associated with taking the NCLEX exam are not included in the above costs.

Should or Should You Not Join Hondros College of Nursing?


There are many reasons why you should enroll in the nursing programs at Hondros College School of Nursing. First, the college usually divides your total monthly payments instead of the quarterly tuition payments most nursing schools require to make it easier to budget. And to save you some money, they have professional staff members trained to find out if any of your existing credits can be easily transferred and applied to your nursing program. Hondros College of Nursing has also partnered with various healthcare providers and in case you work for one of them, you become eligible for a reduction in tuition as you obtain your next degree or license.


Another reason why you should join the college is the fact that as a student if you choose to withdraw from any of the Hondros College programs during the first full-calendar week of the quarter, you are entitled to a 25% of the tuition fee, registration fee and refundable fees for that academic team. For the case of students who withdraw during the second and third full-calendar of the quarter, they shall be entitled to a 50% and 75% of the tuition fee, registration fee plus refundable fees for that period respectively.

What Others are Saying about the College — Hondros College of Nursing Reviews


Andrew Lexi

“Am currently a student at Hondros College of Nursing Westerville. Am in my last term of my RN-BSN program and in my opinion it is the best place to be. They have a great curriculum and friendly staff always ready to help. I highly recommend this nursing school to all aspiring nursing students.”

Alice Thunder

“My son studied his LPN program at Hondros College of nursing and I can honestly say it was such a great experience for him. He is now pursuing his Associate Degree in Nursing program and working part time as an LPN with one of the healthcare providers the college has partnered with.”

Julieta Angeles

“I acquired my BSN at this college some five years ago and am now working at one of the best health care facilities here in Westerville, Ohio. What I loved about the college is their flexible payment plans and schedules and their personalized financial aid support.”


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