Comfortable and quality nursing shoes are what nurses need due to their nature of work. Durability is also an attribute that as a nurse you should be looking for in the shoe you want to buy for the job. Could you imagine working for 12-hour back-to-back shifts in those tight nursing shoes? It is unthinkable and that is why a quality pair that guarantees comfort is a top priority for every nurse. It is detrimental to wear shoes that do not withstand the nursing nature. Statistics in the U.S. show that over 33% of nurses suffer from back pain, numbness, shin splints and other physical pains. Research has shown that most of these are as a result of inappropriate shoes worn by nurses at the working.

Being a nurse is already a demanding career and one should be as comfortable as possible so as to efficiently and effectively execute duties. So, it is utmost necessary to address the subject of these kinds of shoes. So what should one need to know about nursing shoes?




How the need for these shoes came by

It is a true belief that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, shoes came out as a result a necessity that man wanted to be comfortable and safe from injuries. It goes out that there was the need for shoes for different tasks. Nursing is one of these tasks that would need specialized shoes. The shoe had to be suitable for all that happens in a hospital and other environments that nurses have to work in. Whoever coined the idea of the shoe for the nurses was aware that the work requires lots of movement and standing. The shoe had to be made to meet this kind of activities. Today, there are so many types of shoes for the nurses and sometimes one may be in a dilemma on what he/she should choose. It is evident that the modern shoes are better and finding the right kind is not anymore a daunting task.

Benefits of having a quality pair

It is not in vain to have the right kind of shoes. In fact, you perform better if you are comfortable right from the feet to the hair. Good shoes have their benefits and as a nurse you cannot afford to miss them. What benefits do you get from quality shoes for nurses?

  • Easy balancing: balancing is critical for nurses. You will be needed to carry delicate paraphernalia and you need balancing. The shoes are the base you need for the entire body steadiness. A good one will make you stand ground even when you may accidentally topple.
  • Comfort: this is crucial for a nurse’s job. Being comfortable will make you free to move when you want to. You will not get unnecessary fatigue which may inhibit your performance.
  • Alleviates foot pain: pain at the foot will nag you and you may end doing less. The pain may be a little but getting it every day is a bother you may need to get rid of. A good pair will allow your feet to feel comfortable, and you will always want to go an extra mile. You will not be in a hurry to leave the workplace to get rid of your working shoes.
  • Easy mobility: as a nurse, you move around a lot. Good shoes will make it easy for you to move. Sometimes you may be needed to run and you will do that in a quality pair of shoes.
  • Brings down chances for physical aches: as the stats have shown, physical aches disturb many nurses. You can avoid them by getting a good pair of shoes. Feet and back pains will be hindrances to your performance so get rid of it with a good comfortable shoe.

Best general shoe types


It would not be right if one was to generalize the best shoe that a nurse should wear. But from experience, there are types which are better than others. The baseline is to have shoes that will work for you. It would not be a misguidance to make recommendations for the general types of shoes that would be a plus for a nurse:

  • Clogs: Clogs are among the first kind of shoes that nurses used to wear. Their popularity may be fading but a good number of nurses still use them. They come in different designs but comfort is a thing that is in every piece. They are easy to put on and they give you freedom to be at your best when on duty. There are types for men and women but the principle is the same.
  • Slip-ons: easy to wear and move around in; slip-ons are good for the nursing profession. Their comfort is not comparable with most of the other shoe types.
  • Loafers: loafers are ideal pieces for a nurse who wants to stay away from foot pain. They are designed to give you flexibility and this is a promise you will get.
  • Sneakers: They may be more ideal for sports but sneakers are great pieces for nurses. They are easy on the feet and excellent for mobility. The shoe is meant to last and that is something you will also find attractive about sneakers.
  • Step-ins: you can bet on the flexibility that comes with step-ins. They are comfortable and easy to put on. They have good soles that ensure tenacious grip on the sole. They give balance and steadiness that as a nurse you will find helpful.

Are there differences between men and women nursing shoes?

A greater number of nurses are from the female gender. Actually, men nurses only accounted for less than 40% of practicing nurses in the world in 2011. The rest were females. But that does not mean there are no qualified men nurses. In the type of shoes nurses wear, there are similarities in what men and women would wear. All in all, there are differences just like it is with the general types of shoes for both genders. Overall, comfort and durability are factors that should be in every shoe that a nurse has to wear whether male or female.

We definitely concur that nursing shoes are not just like the ordinary one, right? What you go for a dance with is not what you need for a busy day at the clinic. Or even what an office guy wears would not be fit for you. The point is making things easy on your side for this career you passionately chose and promised to give all for it. It does not have to be a living hell every other time you get ready for your week day. You are asking where you would get these kinds of shoes and wake up looking forward to a fruitful day. There is every nitty and gritty detail you need to know.

How these shoes differ from the rest


Someone new to the nursing profession would think that the kind of shoes they are supposed to wear is for the fun of it but far from it you have a lot to learn now that your college life is over. But that is getting it all wrong since it is all for a rather an important reason and knowing it would be for the greater good. Let’s see how nursing shoes are cut from a different cloth for all the other shoes you wear or you may deem fit for a typical day at work:

  • They are lighter: you must have touched an appropriate shoe for nursing. It felt lighter than the other kind of shoes you may have. It is for the ease of movement and flexibility. Being light the shoes give you the advantage for mobility which is sometimes the only chance to save a patient’s life in danger.
  • Made of better quality material: these shoes are made to last and that is why they are of a better quality material. This is what you should insist for when you go to buy your working shoes in your favorite store.
  • Special soles to absorb stress: The soles are a difference you would notice from the other shoes. Made to absorb shock and allow easy movement, shoes worn by nurses have thick and light soles that keep them on the upper side of convenience. You would not want something that would slide and let you down when you are trying to deliver emergency medical supplies. You need a tight grip on the floor and that is a promise which the designers of these kinds of shoes have ensured for you. The next time you go to buy shoes for work do a check on the soles and ensure that they are not just the ordinary ones.
  • They are not the lacing type: Are you mistakenly looking for laced shoes? If they are for your nursing job then you did not get something right. Shoes for the nurses are conventionally not laced. They are slip-ons and step-ins that are on just a wear-and-go type. It has to be this way so get the codes right and your working shoe will be a better performer and give an edge and a new founded passion for your job.

How to fund nursing shoes to suit your needs

To buy the best shoes for your work as a nurse, you need to be informed about a number of facts to make the right decision. Firstly, you have to remain true to your style. You would not want to have something that is fetched from a design you do not love. For instance, if loafers are not your thing then do not be bullied by your colleagues to buy them just because they have them. If sneakers are better for you, then make the decision to go for them. Your comfort is far much important than copying what others are wearing.

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Something that makes your look pleasant is a choice you cannot overlook. You do not have to look shabby in your shoes because you are trying to adhere to a style that is not yours. You just have to go for your good looks and that is what will count after all.

Experiments are not such a bad thing so go out of your way and try new things as long as you are striving to find something comfortable. Try a number of designs and stick with the ones that are good for you. Finding your style and pleasure will make you love your job and that is what counts at the end of the day.

What to look for in the shoes

So the next time you are looking for a good pair for comfort and flexibility, here are the things you should be looking for:

  • Material quality: you do not want to go to the market every other day. Make sure the material you buy will last. Leather is one such material and on the long term you save some dimes. Once you have 2 favorite pairs then you can go for couple years without having to spend.
  • Your color and style: The color that appeals to you is what your shoe should be. There is an unwritten rule with nurses to go for something white but that is as far as it goes. You can have black or any other formal looking color and that is a catch you may want
  • Your shoe size: small or large shoes will not be a choice you want to make. If you do make the mistake, blisters and foot pains will be your daily ordeals. That is not what you want so your shoe number is paramount.
  • Comfort is a must: of all the things that come at the top, your comfort is the most important. Of course, there might be rules for what to wear to work but this is not a decree that should compromise on your comfort. Buy something comfortable and explain to whoever is in charge that you feel more comfortable in what you are wearing.
  • Type of sole: the sole says a lot to the performance you get from your shoe. Shoes for the nurses have special soles that can take stress. It is more comfortable to have the kind of soles in these shoes for your movement and all the standing you have to endure in your working day.


Easy tips to finding top performing nursing shoes

You have already learned a lot about a good pair of nursing shoes and you can now make a good decision. But that is not all you had to know; there are other smaller details which you may ignore but they end up spoiling your every other day at work. Here is what will help you make an easy and perfect decision:

  • Do not be afraid to ask for help and recommendations: you will not just enter the nursing profession and know all there is to know. There are those who have been in it for quite sometimes and would help with many issues and the choice of a shoe is one of them. Be free to approach a friend and you will get help.
  • Athletic supply store may come handy: these are people who can look to your walking gait and foot to make a recommendation for a comfortable shoe. Go to your local sports store and get the help you can before heading to a place where they sell shoes befitting hospital environment.
  • Measure your feet: you may already know your feet size but do not take things as they are. Make an effort to measure your feet before heading to shop for a shoe for work. Size and shape changes and that may be a reason why you will not get good shoes to wear at the place of work. There is always one foot larger than the other and this is the shoe size you should buy.
  • Consider your arch support: your friend may be having a perfect working shoe and you would like to have one like theirs. But remember you are unique especially your body arch. Different weight and height may make what works for someone else not ideal for you.
  • Your comfort is the priority: This is a shoe for you and not a show of how good you are with trending styles. Go for something with a soft inner sole, perfect fit and you will start to enjoy every other day you have to get to work.
  • Top quality is worthy your consideration: it is true that you will have to pay top dollar for a good shoe for your nursing career, but should it matter? Not at all if you are looking for something that will last for years. Cheap is expensive so invest in something that will give you long, safe and trusted service. 2-nursing-shoes-4


To crown it all, let’s revisit some of the important things said about the best shoe for your nursing job. Your style, size, and comfort should be the key guidelines to what you end up buying. As much as all liberty lies with you, it would be mindful to give a thought on the codes from your place of work. You do not want to be the odd one out so just give it a thought before you buy a pair of shoes that will not be deemed as defiant. You now know all there is to know about nursing shoes. Have a great day at work in comfortable shoes, won’t you?

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