The UCF Nursing or the University of Central Florida College of Nursing offers a range of academic programs to qualified students including baccalaureate, master’s and doctorate degrees. There are also plenty of scholarship opportunities and financial assistance to eligible applicants. With the high quality of education provided to students, the college continues to prepare graduates who will take on responsibilities to improve the health situation in the community.

If you are looking to apply in the UCF Nursing, it may help to learn about the courses offered and application process or requirements that you will need to go through.


UCF College of Nursing: Overview

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The UCF Nursing is regarded as one of the top colleges in the United States that features flexible, extensive and affordable graduate programs to prospective students. There are online and hybrid programs, as well as traditional modes of instruction offered in the school. Moreover, the faculty members are licensed, certified and highly-qualified to provide the best training to students.

Hence, UCF nursing students are in demand in the workforce due to their excellent training and knowledge in their field. In fact, evidence of their academic excellence is observed in the exemplary grades and averages on licensure exams and board certification for nurses both in the state and national level.

The UCF Nursing Program is accredited by the CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). This accrediting agency is also recognized on a national level by the Secretary of Education. In addition, the college of nursing is recognized and approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.

UCF Nursing Application and Programs Offered


There are several programs available at the UCF College of Nursing including the following:

  1. Traditional BSN

Existing UCF students who have completed their freshman and sophomore years have the option to take up the Traditional BSN program offered at the university. The school also accepts students who hold an AA college degree from a public school in Florida, as well as those who have a Bachelor’s Degree in another field of study and transfer students who have completed a program from other schools (as long as it is equivalent to the General Education program offered in UCF). This program is considered as a lock-step program, which means it is to be taken on a full-time basis that is for a total of 5 consecutive semesters.

There are three campuses where students can apply – UCF Orlando (admission every fall), UCF Daytona Beach and Cocoa (admission each spring). The College of Nursing in UCF provides academic resources and expert faculty members across these three different campuses.

As for the program curriculum, the focus is on various areas of sciences. Students and graduates are also required to do clinical rotations or provide healthcare to communities that need medical assistance. After completing the traditional BSN program, graduates will become capable of providing comprehensive healthcare in rehabilitative, community and even acute settings.


Application Process

These are the steps involved when applying for this course:

  • Attend advising and information sessions at the UCF Nursing
  • Apply 3 months before the deadline for application
  • Fill out the undergraduate admissions form online
  • Submit official transcripts and documents such as score reports for CLEP/AP/IB
  • Undergo background check

Upon approval of your application, you will need to attend the Transfer Orientation and the Orientation at the College of Nursing (unless not a requirement for your selected BSN program). Also, be sure to submit your immunization records to the Health Services at UCF.

  1. Second Degree BSN

The Second Degree BSN is an upper-division study program with limited access to qualified students. It is open to students who either have a bachelor’s or higher degree that is not related to nursing. Additionally, students who do not hold an RN license may also take up this degree.

This program can be completed in 4 semesters, and it is open to full-time students. Eligible students who need financial assistance may apply for the scholarship program. In fact, the Helene Fuld Health Trust is a scholarship program offered in the UCF nursing department. As for the application process, it is the same as the steps required for students planning to take up traditional BSN.

  1. Dual Enrollment Concurrent ASN-BSN

In the case of students whose credentials go beyond or match the requirements of the school, they may go for the dual enrollment program offered at the UCF College of Nursing. With this study program, students may decide to take up the ASN nursing course at the Valencia College and Seminole State College while they also attend the UCF Nursing course.

By taking into account the nursing shortage in the society, the concurrent program was introduced to qualified students who wish to enter the healthcare industry in Central Florida. It can be completed in 6 to 7 semesters, and the program starts during the summer, spring and fall. Unfortunately, this is not applicable to students with the J1 or the F1 visa.

Application Procedure

  • Submit the application form online and application fee if required (for new UCF students)
  • For UCF students, readmission may be processed at the Registrar’s Office
  • Send in your official TEAS scores to the UCF
  • Complete the orientation for UCF transfer students
  • Attend the orientation at the UCF College of Nursing
  1. Post-Licensure RN-BSN Completion

This program is designed for RNs who wish to obtain a BSN degree, and it admits students each Spring and Fall. Students may choose to take up the course on a full-time or part-time basis. It is also a curriculum that includes 30 credit hours. There are different track programs to choose from including RN to BSN, ASN to BSN and RN to MSN.

Graduate Programs at the UCF Nursing Department


If you choose to take up graduate programs in this school, there are various options in store for you such as these:

  1. MSN

This is a study program with UCF nursing prerequisites before students who do not hold a nursing degree can be admitted. Upon completion of MSN programs, graduates may be eligible to take a national certification exam in their specialty. This also trains potential nurse educators, nurse managers and advanced practice nurses who wish to find employment in a healthcare facility.


For nurses who want to increase their knowledge and skill in healthcare, they have the option to take up the DNP program. The curriculum includes 1000 clinic hours, as well as 31 to 33 credit hours (core courses) with 3 hours of electives and 9 hours of DNP project. Upon completing the coursework, graduates will be able to have a deeper understanding of healthcare policies, advanced nursing practices, and clinical prevention and information technology for transforming healthcare in the society.

  1. RN with Non-Nursing Bachelors

If you are a licensed RN with a diploma nursing program or AS in Nursing, yet without a nursing bachelor’s degree, you may choose to take up this program. However, there are prerequisite courses to be taken up by students who wish to enroll in a graduate program on a full-time basis. As for students who are looking to pursue nursing, and they have a bachelor’s degree in other fields may choose to take up the Second Degree BSN program.

Distance Learning at the UCF College of Nursing


There are two options available for students who prefer to take up distance learning in the University of Central Florida College of Nursing. These include the following:

  1. Online Programs in Post-licensure RN to BSN completion, MSN Leadership and Management, MSN Nursing and Healthcare Simulation, Certificate in Healthcare Simulation, MSN Nurse Educator, Certificate Nurse Educator, DNP Nurse Executive, Ph.D. in Nursing, DNP Advanced Practice Nurse
  1. Hybrid Programs in MSN Adult/Gero Acute Care NP, MSN Adult/ Gero Primary Care NP, MSN Family Nurse Practitioner, Certificate and DNP

By having an understanding of the UCF Nursing programs offered, including the requirements and application procedures, you should be able to select the right track that works for your needs and preferences.




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