Truth be said, it is never an easy task to find perfect gifts for nurses you love or feel obligated to show your gratitude. A nurse does so much in our lives and giving him/her a gift is a special way of appreciating their role in society. That is easier said than done since you need to find a prize that will honor them and they should feel that you care about what they do. Whether it is a nurse on their job or a nursing student, you must get it right with the present you are giving them.

To get the stress of finding gifts for nurses, here are comprehensive series of articles that cover what you should consider before you make the choice for a gift, the best time to give such a gift and a list of presents that will be meaningful to him/ her. By the time you have read all the 3 parts, you will no longer have to worry what to give a nurse.


Qualities to Consider in Nurses Gifts


You will not just decide that the nurse who impressed you at the hospital deserves a treat and then go out to fetch any gift you can lay your hands on. You have to think through for something that will be meaningful and he/she will treasure it. So, what are the qualities you should look for in a nursing student gift or that nurse who is always there when your family needs medical attention? Here is what you should look for in the present you want to give:

  • Relevance: the rule of the thumb when giving presents is that they should relevant to the occasion or person you are giving them to. For a nurse practitioner, it should be something that touches on what they do on a daily basis. Find something that reminds their duties or a prize that will keep them motivated. A relevant gift is worth to treasure and they will remember it for many years to come.
  • Durability: it would be ideal that you find a gift that will last a few days for your kids since they will want a different one every other day. This is not the same with adults not especially with a nurse who is in a serious profession that saves humankind. You need a piece that will last for months or years. The more durable your prize the more meaningful it becomes and you will be a person to remember in the recipient’s life.


  • Usefulness: how useful will be your reward to the recipient? It should be something that should help a nursing student be better in their studies. On the other hand, it should be helpful to what they do in their day to day activities. Some other times let it be a piece that gives them the inspiration to keep doing well to the humankind because it is a profession that comes with massive pressure.


  • Ease of use: Nobody wants something complicated for a present. If you did not know, a simple prize is only what it takes to make someone appreciate something you are giving to them. Go for a piece that will be easy to use but not testing how someone is informed.
  • Creativity: forget about buying a very expensive gift that will not even impress the person you are buying for. Creativity is the ultimate quality that you should consider in your next present for your favorite nurse. Go for a good design that will stir curiosity in the recipient and you are sure that the choice you made was worth the person you gave to. Know the color they prefer and ensure this is what you will have in the piece you are planning to give him/her.


  • Distinctiveness: there are common gifts that people who never have adequate time to shop will buy for a nurse. Do not fall into the category of gift buyers who go shopping in the last minute and their idea for what to buy is blurred by the deadline they have to meet. You need to buy a piece that is unique; not one that you will see with the nurse in the next neighborhood. Think outside the box and you will find something that deserves to be given to a special one like a nurse who saved your life or your son who is graduating as a nurse.

How to Ensure Your Gift Is the Right One

There is no formula when it comes to giving gifts. But there is a way to ensure that whatever piece you decide will be treasured. One of the ways is to study the preferences of whoever you want to reward. Ask questions like: what colors do they love? What things do they treasure more? In answering these questions, you will come up with something that will not only be appreciated but will be kept for many years to come as a mnemonic for friendship. As long as you are sure that your choice is in their list of preferences then do not be afraid that your prize will not make the impression you desire.

The Best Time/Occasions to Give a Nurse a Present

Gifts are not just given for the sake of it; they are for special occasions and special people just like a nurse. It is not every day that you will dish out presents so you should know the best time to do it. Here are some of the best events/occasions you should give a gift to a nurse:

  • During graduation: when someone qualifies to be a nurse, it is a special time for them. A befitting present would be an excellent show of love, appreciation and solidarity in the career path they have chosen.
  • After a tough nursing incidence: nurses have to take care of critical patients and whether such situations are successful or not it lies in their abilities to diagnose and treat such people. It is a good time to award a nurse after they have successfully handled a critical situation.
  • Anniversary of qualification: when someone remembers a time of an achievement, it would the ripe timing to show how much you care by giving them a wonderful gift. A nurse would be touched when you show over their anniversary and hand them whatever present you had.

What to Consider Before Buying a Nursing Student a Prize


Well, there are different presents you can give nurses. But what you would give a graduating nurse may not be appropriate to a senior nursing practitioner who has been in the job for a good number of years. Therefore, the kinds of prizes you can give to nurses will be categorized into 2 viz. gifts for nursing students and gifts for practicing nurse. In this part, the article will tackle gifts for nursing students but first let’s see what factors you should give precedence in choosing a gift for the nurse student.

You have to understand what studying for a nursing program entails. It is only after this that your choice of a gift will be meaningful and be appreciated by whoever you are giving to. Nursing students spent most of their time studying and they will barely have time to engage in the fun that most of their colleagues have. So your present should be something that fits into their lifestyle. For instance, a bag or customized pens would be a show of how much you understand what they do at school. It is like saying that, “I know that it is time to be in school. Receive this gift to make you even perform better”. On the other hand, giving a ball present to a nursing student would be a bad choice since they do not have the time to engage in play. This does not mean that they never take a break from classes but remember what we said about relevance in the first part.

10 Best Gifts for Nursing Students

  • Nurse traveling mug: nursing students have to go early for classes or study late into the night. Cold becomes their daily pill and finding a good way to deal with it is a heavenly send gift. A super nurse travel mug would be that kind of a gift that a student will appreciate and they will remember your contribution to comfortable studies. The mug can take as much as 20 ounces and will keep liquids hot for hours.


  • Portable lunchbox: you really know that students for the nursing profession have little time to cook their own food. They may end up going an entire day without eating and that is not good for their health. Buy him a lunchbox that he will pack the food cooked for supper. He will be reminded of your gift every other time he has lunch knowing that it would have been impossible without your present.
  • Nursing Clipboard: a nursing clipboard is such a helpful tool to the students. It helps them organize their work and hold their working sheets together. This is a simple present but what it does is more than the monetary value. When we talked of creativity and usefulness, this is one of the kinds of gifts that fit in that category. Choose the color that they love and you will always be in their heart during classes.


  • Nursing inspirational books: hearing true stories of successful nurses would go far in encouraging a student to work hard and become equally or more successful. A good example of a book you can buy is True stories of becoming a NURSE. Here there are inspiring stories that can encourage the young professionals to overcome the odds and achieve their career dreams.
  • A nursing tote bag: carrying books and other study paraphernalia is not always that easy for students. If you would find her a bag gift to carry this stuff then you will get perennial appreciation. A tote nursing bag is such a reward that you can give to the studying nurse and you will have made a big contribution to their studies. It does not have to be an expensive piece as long as it serves the purpose then your duty is done.


  • EKG ruler: created like a student’s ID card, the EKG ruler is such a useful tool. It contains a few facts and terminologies about the profession. It will serve as a quick reminder to some of the basic things that the student may forget. You may see it as a simple gift that will not make much of an impression but the truth is that is on point and the recipient will appreciate and treasure it.
  • Nursing knee socks: the ladies would be the perfect target for this kind of a present. It is colorful and decorated with a number of nursing instruments such as stethoscopes, syringes, and charts. It is a creative idea and it will be appreciated despite its simplicity and low value.


  • A set of syringe highlighting pens: for their practical classes, students are expected to differentiate study samples. A 6-pieces set of highlighter pens would be the perfect choice of a gift. It comes in handy during classes and he/she will treasure them and keep you in their memories for the well-thought gift.


  • Customized iPhone case: Now that a phone is a must-have accessory for anyone leave alone nurses, a customized case would be a good choice of a present. Have it with a designed logo for whatever program the student is undertaking. It should also have a place for a name.


  • Medical nurse kit: if you want to make the best impression on a nursing student, a medical nursing kit would be the perfect gift for that. It contains the tools a nurse needs and its relevance cannot be overemphasized.

You will not make the mistake of giving a nursing student a gift that they would feel uncomfortable to have. Gifts have meaning and for a student or someone who has just graduated you need to choose their gifts with caution not to put pressure on them. The gift is supposed to encourage him/her to work hard to their level best to achieve their dreams. Do not get it wrong anymore since you have a rich list to make your choices from.

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